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Anno 1501

1501 - 1819

Today the land and the building are under heritage protection.

For the first time in 1501 "Linde" was mentioned in ancient documents as Erbgarten (small peasant economy).


During the Thirty Years War, the building was destroyed and rebuilt twice.


J. P. Düniß rebuilt it from 1819 to host and service area.

He was a friend of Karl Stülpner’s fellow outlaws and the guardian of his wife Christiane.


The prove of history is still displayed on the walls of the "Linde",

as the last pillory of Großolbersdorf.

Anno 1501

1819 - 1982

In 1982 the restaurant was completely modernized.

A spacious kitchen with storage rooms was built on the side of the historical building.


The restaurant was expanded and carefully renovated to preserve the original style.


During the construction an old approximately 10 m long stone oven

has been discovered below the modern restaurant - may be "Linde" was formerly a bakery?

Anno 1501

1982 - 2024

Another guest room was added on the first floor of the "Linde".

The intimate atmosphere of the room is ideal for a group of up to 15 people.


In recent years, significant investment has been done in energy saving renovation

of roof trusses, windows and roof insulation.


Today, for example, the energy comes from an environmentally friendly pellet heating.