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The Art of Cooking

Real food

Do you remember

the smell from grandma´s kitchen - a spicy blend of fresh ingredients?


Without vacuumed packed and semi-finished products?


The test that is currently, unfortunately, more and more hard to find

and can be replaced soon completely by fast food products.


We know how long and what it takes to prepare gravy -

we do it from scratch even today!

The Art of Cooking

Real craft

In our business you are always under the pressure.

Everything has to be effective and everything must be optimized by costs.


The restaurant business is very expensive and a classic kitchen style of cooking even more so.


You can use semi-finished products or you invest more money and

effort to follow classic cuisine..


We believe in classic cuisine.

You will taste the difference!

The Art of Cooking

Classic French based cuisine

Smoked pear sorbet? Molecular cuisine?


We don’t want to disappoint our guests with new incredible creations.

We prefer to cook a modern cuisine based on Classic French.


We offer international specialties as well as regional cuisine.

Saxony and especially the Erzgebirge are well represented on our menu.



The Art of Cooking

Handmade croquettes

You know what potato croquettes are? Take a bag from the freezer, deep fry, ready?


We prefer to buy good potatoes, boil and mash them.

Our chefs season them by adding mix of deferent spices.

Then we mix everything thoroughly and shape the actual croquettes by hand.


Later, croquettes are breaded, frozen and deep-fried fresh when you order them.


This process takes a whole a lot of time and energy - well, that is why it tastes so much better.


The Art of Cooking

Fresh whipped hollandaise sauce

Historically the sauce comes

probably from around the 18th Century in France.


As a basic-sauce it is also used for s.c. bearnaise, which is referred to in the kitchen as the queen of sauces.


Sadly currently in most of the time s.c. hollandaise

comes from Tetrapak and has nothing in common with the original.


Our chefs have learned to make this difficult sauce

and they continue to prepare for you - fresh daily!



The Art of Cooking


A specialty we would strongly recommend.


Besides homemade crepe or flambé Baked Alaska

we bake in our kitchen fresh cream puffs.


Sprayed from choux pastry,

with fruit or ice - in the summer months from own production -

and fresh whipped cream filling – is just a pleasure!