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The past lives on in the "Linde"

Since 1819, "Linde" is in a family ownership.


For generations, the historic restaurant was conducted in a classic style and today Fritzsche family

invests all power to guarantee the guests a unique experience.


Even the surrounding and beautiful location of the "Linde" contributes to your experience.

On south the 14th Century church with its old churchyard wall borders with our Beer garden.


On the other side is a lovely pond with fountains and ducks,

they would not mind to get some bread crumbs from you.


The Restaurant

You can feel the warm cozy atmosphere right away when you walk into the restaurant.


Dark wood on the walls and thick ceiling beams immediately draw your attention.

Parquet on the floor and white walls - is typical for Erzgebirge - home to many

witnesses of the past.


And even if you need

to wait a bit for your food when the restaurant is completely full

the time would probably not seems as long.



Wenn´s draußen stürmt und schneit...(If it´s stormy and snowing outside ...)


If it were up to our guests,

we would have to light the fireplace even in summer.

There is nothing like the flair of the crackling wood burning that spreads in the guest room.


The smell of birch, oak or beech wood and the warmth

to experience in the winter months for many days.





You should not miss the opportunity to visit the restaurant at lunchtime.

In addition to our many specialties, we also have various lunch menus.


And how can you not to enjoy the quality of our food better,

than at white-clothed tables, with exquisite service.


If you would like to have a lunch or dinner for a group of up to 15 people in a private settings,

we have a small dining room on the upper floor for you.



Nature and peace

Whether during the day or in the evening - the beer garden is worth a visit.


Directly to the churchyard wall, guests can sit in a cozy and quite,

green beer garden.


You have a clear view of the beautiful half-timbered house and the interesting nature.


When enjoying your time in a beer garden

surrounded by the natures and birds chirping you can also catch

the sound of church bells next door every 30 minutes.


A wonderful place to celebrate

But the beer garden is not just a beer garden.


Fancy decorated tables bring an unforgettable experience for your celebrations.


If you want some privacy you can be sited in a section of the beer garden

which is surrounded by green hedge almost like a separate room.