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Jídlo a pití

Pivo a víno

Wernesgrüner or Radeberger Pils on tap
Köstritzer Schwarzbier
Kapuziner Hefeweizen
Ehrenfriedersdorfer Schwarzspecht
Clausthaler tart alcohol-free
Hefeweizen alcohol-free


White, red and rosé wine from

Saxony, Germany, France and various
growing regions worldwide.

Jídlo a pití

Chutné jídlo

Appetizers and Soups
Ukrainian Solyanka
Clear beef soup "Royal"
Erzgebirge Buttermilk Getzen (hash brown)
Beef Carpaccio
Garlic Bread

Fried wild mushrooms


Fresh seasonal salads
Green salad with sautéed chicken breast strips
Bulgarian Schopskasalat


Vegetarian dishes
Vegetarian Curry
Spaghetti Sicilian


From lake and sea
Pollock fillets fried in butter
Pollock with fried shiitake mushrooms and sprouts
Turbot fillet „Grenobel“

Wild game dishes
Deer stew Burgundy shallots
Peppery venison „Karl Stülpner“ in bacon sauce

Red wine marinated hare

From Dutch oven and pan
Two Hungarian peppers
Tender roast „Räuberbraten“
Braised lamb shank

From barbecue and pot
Pork steak with herb butter
Pork cutlet on colorful vegetables
Skewer Rotisseur on colorful salad
Sliced beef sirloin with wild mushrooms
Beef tenderloin steak on crouton
Tagliata on rucola fom US Beef
Steak and Lobster fom US Beef


Our Chef recommends:
Grilled lobster with olive oil


„Champagne Sorbet“
Ice cream on a peach base
Vanilla ice cream skewer
Two Crêpés with stuffings
Flambé fruits in light beer pasrty fried in batter
Plum- or apple cake
Homemade cream puffs